Other Links

Other Links:

Here are some of our favorite links to sites with even more information about Akumal and the surrounding areas.

Akumal Dive Adventures
Do you dive or snorkel?  Want to learn how?

Akumal Weddings
Beach weddings and reception planning in Akumal, on the waterfront.

Akumal Yoga
Yoga for all levels in Akumal.

Extreme Control Kiteboarding
Learn to kiteboard and paddleboard from the pros.

Tulum Accommodations and Tours
Plan an exciting vacation based around the activities you like to do!

Loco Gringo
Useful info guide about everything.

Centro Ecologico Akumal
(CEA) If you are interested in learning more about the ecosystem and culture of Akumal, you might be interested in the programs offered by the CEA.

Akumal Tours
Lots of exciting day tours provided by Travel Services of Akumal.

Maya Calendar
This comprehensive website provides in-depth information about the Maya’s greatest achievement: their calendar.

Coral Reefs
Learn more about coral reefs and why it is so important that they be preserved and saved.

Founded out of a desire to support research and conservation efforts in the sea turtle community, this site includes the Marine Turtle Newsletter, and tons of links to other web sites with information about sea turtles and their protection.

The website of the Reef Environmental Education Foundation, which is an organization of divers committed to the preservation of marine environment.